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Blog: Beeswax

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Cactus: Fall in Love With Succulents

Kate Snow

If there is one trend we are loving right now at Hysteria, it is the vibrancy and southwestern charm of cactus green that has been popping up in decor and fashion everywhere. Fresher than mint, yet more subdued than kelly green, cactus is innovative and playful, yet still sophisticated enough for the office or evening attire. We love the way this color has been incorporated into style for the spring season, so below we have chosen a few ways to embrace the succulent trend without getting your hands dirty.


One of the great aspects of cactus is its versatility. It simply looks great on everyone, and in a variety of different styles, as well. We love the edgy simplicity of Emma Watson's look above with her white jeans, chunky sweater, and trendy sneakers. We also think the Gucci dress below is stunning with its classic details in the modern color. Cactus green can bring a chic, modern vibe to any outfit. 


Cactus is a great color (and plant!) that you can incorporate into your home decor. We love the modern punch that it can bring to any room. Hate it when your flowers start to wilt after just a couple days? Cacti are perfect flora that can add sophisticated ambience to your home, without needing regular watering or attention. They are the lazy girl's dream.


Looking for a bouquet that won't wilt on your big day? We are loving the southwestern, bohemian vibe of these arrangements, and we think these prickly inclusions would bring spunk and uniqueness to a desert garden wedding. Want more good news? Succulents loom great in photos, and won't be drooping by the end of the ceremony. Cheers to that!

Brand Spotlight: Sanctuary Clothing

Kate Snow

Sanctuary Clothing is great for the woman on the go with its fun, west-coast flavor. 

Sanctuary Clothing is great for the woman on the go with its fun, west-coast flavor. 

Happy Wednesday from Hysteria!

This week’s blog post is going to focus on one of our favorite brands. Based out of Los Angelos, Sanctuary is the absolute epitome of the California lifestyle designed for the modern woman. Its designs are fresh, yet ageless, and refined yet still have a youthful spunk. Deborah Polanco, the Chief Creative Director, is constantly traveling the globe to seek inspiration for her designs, giving them a unique, worldly flair. Even if you spend your days mostly in an office, “we all need modern timeless clothes to travel through the day,” she explains on the brand’s website.

“Our clothes are ageless. Its always about attitude and style,” explains Sanctuary’s CEO, Ken Polanco. With styles that are perfect for both work and play, the Sanctuary woman is one who is fun, yet professional, whimsical, and detail oriented. We absolutely adore this fanciful brand over at Hysteria. Come take a peek at the pieces from the current spring collection that we are lusting over.


Information  and banner credit goes to

Charlotte Off-Shoulder Top in Strawberry

Charlotte Off-Shoulder Top in Strawberry

Romy Print Flounce Hem Shift Dress

Romy Print Flounce Hem Shift Dress

Find Your Fit for February: Pilates ProWorks

Suzanne Runyon

Hello again everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful January, and are having a healthy start to February. We know that February can be a tough month… The weather is cold and dreary, the glamour of the holidays has worn off, and maybe your New Year’s Resolutions have not gone entirely according to plan. We know how you feel! Over here at Hysteria, we are continuing our three-part Find Your Fit series, where we are interviewing local studio owners, getting to know them a little bit, and seeking their advice on how to make 2017 your best and fittest year yet. 

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely Betsy Weissman from Pilates ProWorks. Located just a couple blocks off bustling King Street, Pilates ProWorks is a workout studio that incorporates multiple types of pilates classes into one bright, airy location. With different class options including Pilates Pro on their proprietary reformer (called the FitFormer), a mat pilates and yoga fusion class, matBox (our kickboxing/pilates fusion), and barre coming later this quarter. Pilates ProWorks has a variety of classes for anyone who is looking to spice up their workouts on a regular basis. Betsy was kind enough to sit down with us this week, chat with us about her studio, and give us healthy living tips for 2017. 

Suzanne: Can you give us a little bit of information about your background, so we can get to know you a little better?
Betsy: Before I moved to Alexandria, I was a full-time attorney in Manhattan and then Connecticut, and fitness was just something I became interested in on the side. I was very interested in barre while living in Manhattan, but I wanted to try something different. I previously had issues with my back and neck from CrossFit and a wrist injury that affected my ability to do traditional yoga, so then I found Pilates. When we moved to Alexandria, I decided I wanted to focus the next twenty years on fitness and wellness and not just a full-time desk job anymore. The kids are teenagers, so it seemed like the time to lift off my own studio. I am still working as an attorney, but it is nice to have this business as well. I get the best of both worlds. 

Suzanne: What are the benefits of pilates?
Betsy: I really do think pilates is the perfect workout. It is challenging, yet low-impact. I did hardcore workouts for years that left me with lots of chronic aches and pains. Our Pilates classes are attainable yet sustainable. Our workouts are hard core, challenging and work small muscle groups without putting you at risk for other injuries.

Suzanne: What makes Pilates ProWorks different?
Betsy: What really makes Pilates ProWorks different is our sense of community. We try to make it a welcoming environment for all of our clients, and we really make the effort to get to know everyone who comes through our door. I have a great team. It really does take a village to run a small business Our studio is great too, because we offer so many different classes, like PilatesPro reformer, our mat pilates & yoga, kickboxing classes with barre coming soon. Our clients can try many different things without getting bored. We find that it is also a great workout for couples to do together, as it is something that both men and women enjoy. Many times the men come for the kickboxing classes, and end up in the reformer classes before they know it!

Suzanne: A lot of Hysteria’s customers are busy working professionals. What advice do you have for them regarding a healthy lifestyle when time is limited?
Betsy: If time during the week is limited, then really make an effort Sunday night to sit down, look at your schedule, and plan out when you are going to workout. One thing about smaller studio classes is that if you cancel too close to the class, you still have to pay. This is actually a great thing because it holds you accountable, so you really do have to put it in your schedule like an appointment. I also recommend that you drink at least 60 ounces of water a day and have 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Hard-boiled eggs are a great option that you can make ahead of time and easily have available in the morning. I can guarantee that if you prepare ahead of time to incorporate wellness into your lifestyle, you will feel the benefits pretty quickly . 

Suzanne: What is your favorite thing about your job? 
Betsy: My favorite thing about my job is that it has expanded my circle within Alexandria. I love getting to know the different members of the community, and the Alexandria small business owners are all so supportive of each other. I just love being a part of that.

Suzanne: What exciting things do you have planned for Pilates Proworks’ future?
Betsy: We just opened last August, so I am excited to continue our expansion this New Year. I am excited just to continue our success and take that success beyond just the Old Town area. 

Pilates ProWorks is located at 1103 Queen Street in Old Town. Thank you so much to Betsy, Suzanne, and Hailey for their collaboration!

Favorite Pieces From Our Winter Sale

Kate Snow

Sometimes the idea of a "mega" end-of-season sale engenders in your mind "the dregs" of the season - a "picked over" selection that will not make your heart sing, nor your heart and your wardrobe feeling that spark of clothing joy!

Well, let me change your mind on that!  We still have lots of beautiful sweaters, tops, jackets, pants, and accessories that are half-off, and perfect to keep you going on these dreary days. We know the weather has been bleak and at times miserable, and perhaps the last thing you want to do is leave the house. We don’t blame you! That is why we have picked a few of our favorite sale items to feature on our blog that might inspire you to venture out, and that we think would look great in your closet.

Pick #1: Elie Tahari Malia Sweater

We just love the effortless elegance of this creamy blouse. Made from extra-fine Merino wool, this top is perfectly feminine with its sheer sleeves and pretty lace detailing. We think it would be perfect for the office with a pencil skirt, but also great with denim and boots for a casual weekend brunch. 

Pick #2: DL1961 Coco Curvy Straight Jeans

 Have you been looking for that perfect pair of straight-leg jeans that hug your curves like a glove? Look no further than the fantastic Coco. These jeans were designed for an hourglass figure with extra room in the butt, hips, and thighs. The Atlas wash is a flattering dark wash with subtle fading. We think these jeans would look perfect with cognac brown boots to get you through these chilly early months.

Pick #3: Autumn Cashmere Lace-Up Turtleneck

This cashmere/wool short-sleeved sweater is perfect for those days when you want something cozy but don’t want to get too stuffy. Combined with chunky stitching and fun lace-up side detailing, we think this is the perfect addition to your snow day or movie night. We currently have this sweater in navy, and it is to die for!

Our sale will last until it's ALL gone! Come check out all the other fabulous items we have over at Hysteria while it lasts!

Find Your Fit for February: Studio Barre {Strength. Defined.}

Kate Snow

angela studio barre.png
studio barre balloons.png
studio barre class pic.png

Oh, holidays. During that time of year, we all indulge a little extra, have that extra cookie or glass of wine (or both...oops) and enjoy this time with our family and friends. It is such a wonderful and joyful time, but come January, I think many of us are itching to get back into a routine and work off those indulgent meals and missed workouts. Over here at Hysteria, we will be featuring a three-part series called Find Your Fit, where we will be interviewing three different fitness studios in the Alexandria area to help our readers get to know the owners, and find out what makes their workouts awesome.

Today, we will be featuring the beautiful Angela Lutzker of Studio Barre. Located near the Braddock Road metro station, Studio Barre is an exercise boutique that teaches the “barre method,” a ballet-inspired workout that incorporates elements of dance, pilates, and yoga to help clients tone up, improve posture, and build a lean dancer-like figure. Hysteria employees Kate and Juliet are big fans of this studio, and Angela was kind enough to sit down with us and give us the low-down on Studio Barre, and how you can “tuck” and “plié” your way to a stronger body in 2017.

Kate: Can you give us a little bit of information about your background, so we can get to know you a little better?

Angela: I have always been interested in health and fitness. For a long time I used to be a runner, but then I got injured. I started practicing yoga, but I couldn’t help feeling like I wanted more. I then tried barre, and I was hooked. I wanted to start a community of my own, and help people get excited about transforming their bodies and reaching their goals.

Kate: What makes Studio Barre different?

Angela: I think what makes our studio different is our community. We hire people who are personable and with vision. We want people to come in and feel like it's their place. Along with an intense workout, this level of intimacy is important to us.  

Kate: What are the benefits of barre vs other workouts?

Angela: Barre is beneficial because it accesses muscles that other workouts cannot, with tiny isometric movements that hit muscle groups from head to toe. By working these muscles to fatigue, you break them down and build back lean (not bulky) muscle. It not only tones and strengthens, but after a barre workout, you burn more calories throughout the day. You can really build a dancer-like figure. It is also low-impact, so it can be very beneficial for those who have had previous injuries or are older. Barre really is a great workout for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

Kate: What would you say to a newcomer to barre?

Angela: Anyone’s first time in a fitness studio can be intimidating and overwhelming, with all the nuances and new information, but keep coming! The more you come the better at it you will get. It takes a few classes to see results, but in about two weeks of barre and going 3-4 times a week, you will be able to see results and feel stronger. Many of our clients have lost weight, toned up, and improved their health with healthy eating and consistent barre workouts.

Kate: A lot of Hysteria’s customers are busy working professionals. What advice do you have for them regarding a healthy lifestyle when time is limited?

Angela: My advice is to never underestimate the power of a small workout. Even if you only have 5-10 minutes for a plank or some free weights, that little bit really adds up and keeps your fitness level from plateauing. These stolen moments can really add up and improve your muscle tone. Eating a balanced diet is also important, like preparing meals the Sunday ahead of a busy week to help keep yourself on track. I also believe strongly in the power of positive thinking. If we are constantly stressed out and beating ourselves up mentally, it can really counteract all the good things we are doing for our bodies.

Kate: What is your favorite thing about your job?

Angela: My favorite thing about my job is working with so many wonderful people with great energy. I love having the opportunity to really get to know the clients who come in multiple times a week, and getting updated on their lives and families. You feel their absence when they haven’t come in awhile. Additionally, health and wellness are very important to me, and working in this industry not only holds me accountable for my own well-being, but I get to see people reach their own goals and make a difference in their health.

Kate: What exciting things do you have planned for Studio Barre’s future?

Angela: Our first year anniversary is in April, so we will have a celebration for that. We love to do challenges every month to keep things exciting for our clients, like the Live Love Detox we are doing for the month of January. We also hope to collaborate with more local businesses and maybe do some pop-up workshops. We love being part of the Alexandria community!

Studio Barre is located at 610 N Fayette Street, next to Bastille. We look forward to collaborating again with this lovely studio in the future!