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Suzanne Runyon


Yes it's hard to believe after almost 2 decades of being an Alexandria boutique and brand, it's time to say farewell. Our life chapters are driving us to new places. 

With that being the case, to begin our wind-down process, we are putting everything ON SALE!  And for you, a Hysteria insider, we're letting YOU know first, so that you can take advantage of the sale before we announce it publicly, this Friday.

As of yet, we have not located a new proprietor / buyer to take over Hysteria.  If you have any interest in acquiring our beautiful store (a turnkey business opportunity), or if you just want to get the full story about our transition, you can read the recently published article from the Alexandria Times here

As always, we truly appreciate your support of all of us at Hysteria, and we hope to see you before we say farewell, once and for all.

All The Best,

Your Hysteria Team

Houston Strong

Suzanne Runyon

Normally, an email at this time of year and season from Hysteria would be all about our new Fall arrivals and our Labor Day Sale plans.  However, in light of what is happening in Houston and barreling throughout the Gulf Region, we felt it would be better to do something to help those in need of assistance during this history-making weather and devastating flooding.

As you are (no-doubt) well aware, many have lost their homes due to the high winds and flooding, and the continuing rainfall will strand many more. With this, Hysteria is forgoing the typical end of Summer Sale events, and instead, we are donating 10% of our Labor Day weekend sales to Houston's recovery. 

If you can't make it into the store, please consider helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey by donating directly below or to the American Red Cross. 



Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund


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Our Favorite Thing: Giving Back

Nina Doherty

This past weekend, Suzanne and I had the great fortune to be a part of a charity Gala event, with funds being raised to for the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.    The organization is – founded by two remarkable women: Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, 58 years ago, and with their love and tireless efforts, and the dedication of their incredible staff, 10 million children have been impacted by the non-profit’s programs and services.

The Gala evening included a special award presentation by Childhelp Celebrity Ambassador, Kathie Lee Gifford (of the Today Show), honoring Childhelp’s two amazing founders, and was emceed with great humor and panache by Childhelp Celebrity Ambassador, John O’Hurley (of Seinfeld / J. Peterman fame).  John and Kathy mixed with the guests and kindly stood before a “step and repeat” backdrop for a very long time - all to generously accommodate everyone that wanted a moment to meet them (us included).

 From left:  John O'Hurley, Suzanne Runyon, Joy Runyon, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Nina Doherty

From left:  John O'Hurley, Suzanne Runyon, Joy Runyon, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Nina Doherty

We also took delight in seeing many of our dear friends, co-volunteers, and even one of our beautiful Hysteria clients, Trish McHugh! Small world!  She sported an all-time favorite Hysteria necklace from jewelry designer, Jenny Bird, and it was SUPER CHIC with her long dress.  Just perfect!   Trish said about the event: “The Childhelp Shining Stars Gala was an incredible success, as was my Jenny Bird necklace – my new favorite piece from Hysteria.”

 From left: Wendy Liebl, Jamie Meidhof, and Trish McHugh wearing her Jenny Bird necklace!

From left: Wendy Liebl, Jamie Meidhof, and Trish McHugh wearing her Jenny Bird necklace!

We must also give a shout out to TSALT, Tamara Saltonstall, for providing Suzanne with a beautiful long dress to wear. As for me, I went with a “Rent the Runway” option from the Georgetown RTR storefront (rent it and give it back!).  Since Hysteria doesn’t carry formalwear, we had to get a little creative as neither of us had worn a formal long dress in like…years!   I think that we enjoyed that little fancy dress moment. When you don’t do it very often, it’s pretty fun to glam up a bit.

Most importantly, some great funds were raised to save and protect the most innocent of lives, and we can’t think of a better way to be a part of our community and a part of the mission to eradicate child abuse.  Next year, we’ll be sure to send a “Save the Date” in case you’d like to join us, and we’ll keep you informed on other upcoming Childhelp DC events.  If you would like to get involved in the DC Chapter of Childhelp, feel free to contact me at:

For the love of a child…

Fashion Flashback: Easter Clothing Defined Our Approach to Style

Nina Doherty

Yes, we were those kids in perfect little matching Easter outfits from a young age.  Our mother often made our outfits herself, especially in our youngest years, when she was trying to stretch the dollars (see the video below from 1968!). I can't imagine how many hours she spent slaving over a sewing machine.  In the video we have dresses, fabric purses and scarves with cute white daisy appliques as accents - all made by our mom.  

Another year she made us beautiful white dresses with navy blue capes. That year there was an "Easter Parade" fashion show where families walked the runway (back at the original Tysons Corner Mall), and we won for best dressed. All from our mother's vision and hard work!

This approach by our mom instilled in us early that fashion can be fun and creative, and it doesn't have to come at a high cost.  We learned that you can be well put together, and well styled, without having to be a slave to high-end labels. 

You could easily say that this approach informed and shaped the way that we approach curating fashion for Hysteria. When we first acquired the store, we tried following the path of previous brands and lines, but we found over time that carrying brands that compete with bigger department stores was a recipe for going out of business, and it wasn't true to our legacy and our own habits of getting great finds at wallet-friendly prices.

On any given day, particularly before we bought Hysteria, it would not be at all unusual for us to be sporting clothing from Target, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Mint Condition!  It's fun to mix pieces of different price points to put together a great look.  Style is just style - and we believe that it can be both fun and practical to mix up the pieces in your wardrobe.

If you've been in the store or shopped our website lately, hopefully you've noticed this fresh approach to our buying of merchandise.  When we go to market, we think about our Hysteria clients, and we really keep you in mind when we make our selections. Mom was our first muse for fashion, and now it's you, our beautiful Hysteria customers. 

Thank you for the inspiration!