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5 Favorite Reasons to Rock a Statement Necklace

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5 Favorite Reasons to Rock a Statement Necklace

Nina Doherty

One thing we definitely have fun with at Hysteria, is a statement necklace.   We love the way that a statement necklace ties together your whole look for a really polished "outfit".  A statement necklace transforms daytime attire into a going out for a night on the town look (without having to change anything but the necklace), it takes an LBD (little black dress) to work or play depending on the style of necklace that you choose to wear (also making that dress just that much more wearable and versatile), and the statement necklace makes your basic jeans and a t-shirt go from "just okay" to "interesting and edgy" with one quick closure of the necklace clasp.  Three examples new at Hysteria are these new arrivals -

Or, as another way to create a statement look, you may have seen this great layering approach that we posted on Facebook this week -

Whether you have made friends with the statement necklace look, or you are looking to give it a try, here are 5 reasons you may want to consider it (in no particular ranking order):

  1. A statement necklace gives you the ability to expresses your personality and style (and even your mood) in one accessory.  This is a quick way to don something akin to “wearable art”, and as art taste is very subjective, you send a message about who you are in the accessories that you wear.   Your message may be:  glam (shiny metals and stones), or earthy (natural textures and materials), or whimsical (pops of color and unusual objects), or bohemian (lace, fringe, etc.), or ladylike (think pearls or even a cameo).
  2. A statement necklace finishes off an otherwise simple outfit in a really polished way.  As fashion stylists, we know that the combination of color, pattern, texture and shine elevates a look.  With a statement accessory, you can hit all of these notes with one piece of jewelry around your neck.  Think of the necklace portion of the color/pattern/texture/shine styling objective as being the finishing touch that pulls everything else together.
  3. A statement necklace really focuses attention upward toward your face versus your whole body.  No matter what shape you are in, the perfect statement necklace always fits.   It’s probably never been said that “I am trying to lose weight to get into my necklace”!  The statement necklace is a no stress / no extra gym time required piece of fashion.
  4. It helps you to be more memorable.   Perhaps it’s because we’re all attracted to shiny and interesting objects, we’re more likely to notice and remember what is around a person’s neck (if it's distinctive) than what they are wearing otherwise.   When you look at a person’s face, and right below the face is a beautiful accessory, it’s likely to register in the memory bank.  
  5. It can be your signature way of dressing.   If you make a point of always adding a statement necklace to your going out to work and or play look, it will be something that people expect and appreciate about who you are.  Some of us feel practically naked without this finishing piece.

For more tips on how to wear a statement necklace, stop into Hysteria to try out some of the great new pieces we have in store.   Shine on!