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Blog: Beeswax

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Cactus: Fall in Love With Succulents

Kate Snow

If there is one trend we are loving right now at Hysteria, it is the vibrancy and southwestern charm of cactus green that has been popping up in decor and fashion everywhere. Fresher than mint, yet more subdued than kelly green, cactus is innovative and playful, yet still sophisticated enough for the office or evening attire. We love the way this color has been incorporated into style for the spring season, so below we have chosen a few ways to embrace the succulent trend without getting your hands dirty.


One of the great aspects of cactus is its versatility. It simply looks great on everyone, and in a variety of different styles, as well. We love the edgy simplicity of Emma Watson's look above with her white jeans, chunky sweater, and trendy sneakers. We also think the Gucci dress below is stunning with its classic details in the modern color. Cactus green can bring a chic, modern vibe to any outfit. 


Cactus is a great color (and plant!) that you can incorporate into your home decor. We love the modern punch that it can bring to any room. Hate it when your flowers start to wilt after just a couple days? Cacti are perfect flora that can add sophisticated ambience to your home, without needing regular watering or attention. They are the lazy girl's dream.


Looking for a bouquet that won't wilt on your big day? We are loving the southwestern, bohemian vibe of these arrangements, and we think these prickly inclusions would bring spunk and uniqueness to a desert garden wedding. Want more good news? Succulents loom great in photos, and won't be drooping by the end of the ceremony. Cheers to that!