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Pumped Up Kicks: How to Embrace the Sneaker Trend

Blog: Beeswax

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Pumped Up Kicks: How to Embrace the Sneaker Trend

Kate Snow

You've been seeing these trendy kicks everywhere. From classic Keds to modern metallic Nikes, the rise of the sneaker trend has proved that these shoes aren't just for the gym or playground anymore. With a wide variety of styles to fit every fashionista's wardrobe, these kicks can literally take you from day to night or work to play. Read on to see how this athleisure staple can help you hit the ground running in style this spring.


Photos courtesy of Who What Wear & Popsugar Fashion

Long gone are the days where you have to awkwardly change out of your ratty Metro shoes into heels at your desk. Depending on your work dress code, you may be able to rock some classy, professional sneaks at the office. We love the dramatic, yet professional contrast of the white sneakers and black jumpsuit, which you could easily transition into meeting-mode with a tailored blazer. The second look, with the structured top and tasteful pencil skirt is the perfect combination of sporty yet office-appropriate. The third look is perfect for someone who works in a creative atmosphere. We love the sleek look of the classic white dress and leather jacket, yet the spunky pink kicks put the cherry on top to make this a look that is playful yet professional. 


Photos courtesy of Glamour Fashion

Everyone knows that sneakers are perfect for leggings and athleisure, but wondering how you can incorporate them with "regular" weekend wear? We can't imagine a more perfect sightseeing outfit than this adorable striped dress, chambray shirt around the waist, and classic New Balances. So chic! When you're ready to break out the white denim, we think these brightly colored kicks in the second look are the perfectly bright addition to this otherwise neutral outfit. We think the third look, with its fun patterned top, nautical-inspired skirt, and classic kicks would be perfect for a girly brunch or shopping trip in Old Town. The print-mixing is fun and modern, yet the classic Keds pull the whole look together to keep the outfit cohesive. 

Out on the Town

Photos courtesy of Popsugar Fashion, Popsugar Fashion and Who What Wear

Any woman who has bravely graced Old Town in heels knows the utter misery of getting your stiletto stuck in the bricks or tripping over cobblestones. Next time you go out on the town, keep your heels safely at home and try some fancy sneaks instead. We love the look of this playful party dress made more casual and comfortable with classic Keds. In the second look, sneaker queen Gigi Hadid makes these Ash wedge sneakers look glam with skinny pants and a sleek leather jacket to top off her all-black outfit. The third look is perfect for a romantic date night. This floral dress with boho jacket are perfectly complemented by these black kicks. Best part is, you wouldn't have to worry about sore feet after your romantic post-dinner stroll by the water.